Drop Down
The Actors can be arranged into four categories:

Alphabetical – Sorted by first name
Chronological – Sorted into order they first appear in the media
Concern – Grouped by main concern
Type – Grouped by individual, organisation, event or public

To select a particular category, hover over the actors label on
the menu bar and pick one from the drop down menu.

When the list of actors is displayed, click on an actors image to bring
up the actor profile cards. Each card has information on the actor and
their main concerns. Once you have finished reading a card close it
before opening the next one.

The longer Concern page has extra navigation allowing you to
jump between categories and return to the top of the page.

On the Chronological page instead of actor cards, whenever you click
on an actor, it will bring up a timeline (shown below) of that particular actors
appearances in the media.


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