Gensler made a speculative proposal for the temporary floating London River Park to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubliee in June 2012, the Thames River Festival and the London 2012 Olympics. The decision has not yet been made as to whether it will go ahead, but it is unlikely to be realised in time for these events.

The proposal is for a floating river park and walkway stretching almost 1 kilometre long, 10 metres wide, with four links to the river bank. Eight pavilions along the walkway will house entertaining spaces, exhibitions, events and a swimming pool.

The site for the proposed London River Park stretches along the north bank of the River Thames in two sections. The first starts beyond the Millennium Bridge and finishes at Southwark Bridge. The second starts after Canon Street Railway Bridge and stretches towards the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. The river bank it lies along is in the City of London Borough, close to several icons of London. St Paul’s Cathedral is a short walk from the start, and several bridges crossing the river connect the Park to the Tate Modern gallery, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Southwark Cathedral.

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