The BBC Broadcasting House Controversy


Designed to turn the already central London landmark into one of the largest live broadcast centres in the world; the BBC Broadcasting House has taken 10 years in the making, with over 4 years delay; more than £50m over budget and with its architect leaving on unsatisfactory terms. This has been one of the most controversial buildings of recent years.

With the competition first won in 2000 by MJP Architects, then taken over by Sheppard Robson Architects in 2005, and completely built by December 2010, it will still not be fully operational until 2013.

So – what happened?

When did the vision turn into controversy? – How did the project lose its architect, how did it fall behind by so long and overspend by so much? These are amongst the questions to be answered as we investigate, map out and explain the narrative of this controversy with its characters and intricacies to reveal how such a project can spiral so completely out of control.

Team: Jacky Chan, Lisa Lai, Lorena Chan, Louise Lau, Samantha Frame